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15th Exhibition of Contemporary Art France – Japan with Salon d’Automne 2015
«15th Exhibition of Contemporary Art France – Japan with Salon d’Automne 2015» was held at THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO from August 6th to 17th 2014 in collaboration with Salon d’Automne International(SAI).
This event which presents today’s multinational arts, and the exhibition of the Musée d’Orsay which was open at the same time, made the venue a main centre of art lovers this summer. Over 8000 people visited our exhibition to appreciate 322 artworks of all sorts, including 82 artworks from abroad such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA.
When the visitors enter in this building desingned by famous architect KUROKAWA Kisho, they are fascinated with the beauty of its own glass curtain wall which forme a beautiful curve with natural light effect.
The exhibition place have divided into several spaces according to the tendancy of artworks.
All the artworks, their expression and their character peculiar to each pays emphasized marvellously, that made the exhibition’s view really interesting.
The Opening day, August 6th and 7th, several events took place in the Auditorium with japanese artists and following invited guests of honor :
-Mr. Noël Coret, Art critique, President of Salon d’Automne, President of SAI in France
3 representatives of the next exhibition CAEA in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2015 :
-Mr. René Vanbrabant, Directeur of Académie of fine arts in Tongrès in Belgium
-Mr. Jannel, Visual Artist from the Natherlands
-Mrs. Nicole HARDY, Visual Artist from the Natherlands
he first day began from two lectures by the representatives of exhibition 2015 in Belgium and the Netherlands, one about the history and the heritages of Tongeren city by Mr.Vanbrabant, the another one about the Interaction of arts Est-Ouest by Mr.Jannel and Mrs Hardy.
After the award ceremony for prizewinners of the exhibitions CAEA/JIAS 2013-2014, the reception party was held under the presence of Mr. Christophe de Bassompierre, Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of Belgium in Japan. All the attendees celebrated grandly this opening day. Mr. Coret appointed Mrs MAGORI Mariko to be Honorary president of Salon d’Automne International in his speech, and mentioned the reinforcement of their mutual collaboration for the future.
The following day, a conference of commentary for japanese artists was held by Mr.Coret, Mr.Vanbrabant, Mr.Jannel and Mrs Hardy. They commented carefully on each japanese artworks In slideshow. Their advises touched and encouraged all the artists present.
During the exhibition, «Support project for the children in Rikuzentakata city suffered by the 3.11 earthquake» , our project since 2011 to provide artistic matériels for the children who don’t have enough, succeeded in collecting much aid from visitors to offer 900 sketchbooks to 5 kindergardens of Rikuzentakata.
The edition 2014 closed at August 17th with huge succès. The next edition 2015 will evolue more for the pursuit of the international exchange through the arts.
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