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The 21st France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition 2020
This year's exhibition venue, due to a proposal from The National Art Center of Tokyo, was moved to a hall twice the size of the usual one. We had started to plan an event that we wanted to be memorable, original and ingenious, as well as to showcase all kinds of works coming from Japan and other countries. As the calls for nominations had been launched, the world underwent a radical change. However, this change made us aware of the original strength of the art, of the power of the artists who bring it to life and gave us the strength to try new things and to shake up our consciousness.

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This was the 21st exhibition by JIAS (Japan International Artists Society) and was held from Thursday August 6 to Sunday August 16, 2020 (the general public session was held from Saturday August 8 to Sunday August 16, 2020) and was a success. Due to the new preventive measures aimed to stop the virus from spreading, many people living far away had to cancel their trip. A certain number of people were unable to make it there. We had taken all possible measures and more than half of the public which usually come in previous years came to visit the exhibition, taking the time to appreciate each piece of work.
Near the entrance, works by famous artists from the French Salon scene, the Salon d'Automne as well as the Netherlands, the United States and China had been set up. 98 works that showcased different techniques, patterns and colors were presented. Furthermore, a rich and lively variety of contemporary Japanese works of art had been exhibited: oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, as well as paintings in the traditional Japanese style, landscapes, pieces, figurative and even digital art work were presented. In the middle of the exhibition, a "ESPACE PRIVE" section was set up to allow each artist to be able to express their universe in a vivid detail. In addition, on the basis of accepting the "any form of art and growing together "concept, as well as the main object of this exhibition, and in response to a concept brought by the president of the Salon d'Automne, which was "What is the importance of architectural art and the expectations in this matter", works by architects and space designers were exhibited. We hope that this new concept will continue to attract new works derived from architecture, and that it opens up to more artists. We also hope that all sorts of artists come together and are able to influence each other.
An iron installation taking advantage of the height of the room, 3 meters, as well as an imposing work extending from floor to ceiling were also exhibited. In total, 524 works, 426 of which were created by 216 Japanese artists, were there to overwhelm visitors in this unique exhibition.
During the opening ceremony, The Honorary President and Advisor of the Exhibition of Contemporary Art France-Japan, Mr. ZACCHI Jean-Marie and The President of the Salon d'Automne Ms. KOECHLIN Sylvie, on behalf of the artists who unfortunately could not come to Japan, made a congratulatory speech which live streamed on multiple social networks.  In addition to this speech, the jury of the exhibition, Mr. LOILIER, the heads of the various artistic departments of the Salon d'Automne, as well as the Mayor of the city of Comillas - city in which “The Japanese Today’s Visual Arts Exhibition in Spain” which will be held next year in 2021- also sent a message of congratulations which was broadcast at the same time on the screens of the exhibition hall and on social media. As of today, the positive comments about all of these messages keep coming in.
This year, the number of visitors was limited due to safety measures. However, we decided to hold a pre-opening ceremony to allow the press, exhibited artists and members of the organization to get a first look at the works. Thanks to everyone's understanding and cooperation, this appreciation of the art exhibition spoke to a lot of people: "I was able to take time to see other works than mine", "Of course, I was able to take the time to look at my work, but above all, I was impressed by the work of other artists” are a few examples of comments from the artists that show the exhibition was a success. In addition, on the same day, in the exhibition hall, a contemporary dance performance took place in front of the audience for the first time. This work, which expressed the spiritual beauty of Japan, was a very beautiful artistic collaboration between dance as an art form and the exhibited works. At the end of the exhibition, visitors complimented the organization: "all of this powerful artworks made me forget time", "I was overwhelmed by the variety of genres, techniques and types of artworks", "It was very interesting to see the difference in sensitivity between foreign artists and Japanese artists who seized a common subjects. ",
" It was an incredibly well balanced show.", "Next time I would really like to try and participate".



  • MAGORI Bumpei, Président de C.A.E.A.

Danse contemporaine

L'insecte: SUZUKI Taisuke et NIEDA Maho


Finally, this year also, "the association of childcare centers in the city of Rikuzentakata", which aims to support the areas affected by the great earthquake of eastern Japan, had made available a donation box to raise funds for the " Project to buy art supplies for children who love painting in the city of Rikusentakata." The local association collected 63,940 yen which allowed them to acquire 690 sketchbooks which were distributed to daycare facilities in the city.
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